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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Canadian Celiac Association - Vancouver Chapter Join team Valorie Vaartnou Valorie Vaartnou, Lizbeth Wall, Luisa Folle, Pushpa Kapadia, Jessica Mooney, Julie Luciani $500.00
Canadian Paraplegic Assn Join team Teresa Adamowski Teresa Adamowski $180.00
Crisis Centre of BC Join team Sarah Garner Sarah Garner, Edna Ng, Lindy Chio $92.28
Team BC Cancer Foundation Join team Leigh Fortuna Leigh Fortuna $22.40
Cystic Fibrosis Canada Join team $17.74
#teamlauren Join team Aubrey Delima Aubrey Delima, Shirley Su, Katy Mackenzie $0.00
Association of Neighourhood Houses of BC Join team $0.00
BC Pets and Friends Join team $0.00
Cassie and Friends: A Society for Children Affected by Juvenile Arthritis & other rheumatic diseases Join team David Porte David Porte, Cassie Porte, Debbie Setton, Maureen MacDonald, Darren Brackley $0.00
Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation Join team $0.00

Event Location

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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