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Race in either the 5K, 10K, or the 200 yard dash for kids to benefit the International Justice Mission, a non-profit organization who is actively pursuing an end to slavery all across the globe. 

Registration fees

10K Closed

10K Chip-Timed Run

  1. $30.00
    Aug 3 - Apr 26

5K Closed

5K Run Chip-Timed or Walk

  1. $25.00
    Aug 3 - Apr 26

200 Yard Dash for Kids Closed

8 and under on April 27th at 8:50 am

  1. $5.00
    Aug 3 - Apr 26

Why We Run

The Problem:

Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery in which someone coerces another person into commercial sex or exploits a child in the commercial sex trade. Simply, it is sexual violence as a business. The nightmare of forced prostitution thrives when law enforcement cannot or does not protect vulnerable children and women. There are an estimated 29.8 million people held in slavery today.

The International Justice Mission (IJM) is based out of Washington D.C., and works with and through the legal systems around the world to free enslaved children and girls in forced prostitution. In order for the IJM to continue liberating these children, we need your support! 

The IJM in the Domincan Republic:

Our run partners specifically with the IJM Field Office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. All proceeds from the run will go directly to funding their efforts to combat sex trafficking in the DR. In the Dominican Republic, traffickers exploit boys and girls in the commercial sex industry without fear of consequence. The high volume of tourists and the fact that prostitution of women above the age of 18 is legal has created an environment in the Dominican Republic in which the exploitation of minors can easily be concealed. Law enforcement officers lack the capacity and resources to proactively investigate potential instances of CSEC, and public prosecutors lack a thorough understanding of applicable laws. If children are rescued, there are no aftercare homes that focus solely on their recovery. These victims in the Dominican Republic desperately need rescue and restoration, and countless vulnerable children need a transformed system to protect them from future exploitation and abuse.

How YOU can help:

On Saturday, April 27th, you can be a part of the solution by participating in the 10th Annual Run for Justice 10K run or 5K run/walk. Our goal is to raise $30,000 in to add to the $110,000+ we have raised in the past 7 years. 

The following estimated costs demonstrate what a gift would be the equivalent of funding in the Dominican Republic combatting sex trafficking:
- $5,000 is this year's cost for police and prosecutor trainings, including venue expenses, meals, equipment rental and travel costs.
- $10,000 is the average annual salary and benefits of one paralegal to assist our case work team to prosecute traffickers.
- $15,000 is the average annual salary and benefits of one social worker to care for survivors of sex trafficking.
- $25,000 is the average annual salary and benefits for one attorney.

To find out more about the IJM, visit

Event Schedule

  • April 27 9:00 AM EDT - Event Start

Contact Information

Event Location

2541 Cumberland Avenue, West Lafayette, IN, USA

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