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Name Leader Members
Buns on the run Join team
Fit bitches Join team Jessie Millott Jessie Millott, Crystal McNaughton, Kristy Cutinha, Mark Gierus
Grizzly Beers Join team Trudy Nastiuk, Philip Nastiuk, Julia Iwanyshyn, Mike Iwanyshyn
Hot For Teacher Join team Laura Stuckart Laura Stuckart, Nicole Clarke
Journey Junkies Join team
Kicken Butt Join team Patty Miller
Maslowski Join team
Need for Speed Join team
Slick Solutions Racing Join team Samantha Griffiths, Mike Griffiths, Jake Griffiths
Special O Alberta Bow Valley Join team Shawn Jesse, Brock Jesse

Event Location

Bowmont Park, 85 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

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