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Name Leader Members
#run905 Join team
Buns on the run Join team Maricel Ramos Maricel Ramos, Annette Gleddie, Linda Shaw
CraiBe Join team
Dobra Forma Join team
Grimsby Girls Join team
Grizzly Beers Join team Tina Brenner Tina Brenner
Hot Mamas Never Quit Join team Mary Darling Chris Jones, Mary Darling, Kelsey Funnell, Pam Danylyshen, Nicole Basso, Brittany Wyllie, Eva Kapty, Deana Carmichael
Houston Rock-its Join team
Hungry Hollow Trailhogs Join team
Jounery junkies Join team Dori Steinke Dori Steinke

Event Location

Devon Lions Campground, Saskatchewan Avenue East, Devon, AB, Canada

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