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Help COURTNEY raise money

For participating in She is beautiful Santa Barbara

Help me raise money by participating in She.Is.Beautiful to support Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara

I started running to raise money for those that couldn't run and to challenge myself both mentally and physically. In 2013, I ran my first half marathon in honor of my stepdad and two childhood friends who all died from blood cancers. Before that I could barely run one block without stopping (no joke). I have now ran 7 half marathons among other races of different lengths to continue to raise awareness of organizations... and to inspire others that they to can accomplish something that seems impossible.


I am participating in She.Is.Beautiful to support Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara. Help me raise money for this great cause! 
The mission of Girls Inc. is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Through research-based, data-driven educational and enrichment programs, Girls Inc. provides life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges that girls face, fostering their growth into healthy, educated, independent women and orienting them toward a bright and successful future.

The Girls Inc. Girls’ Bill of Rights
Girls Have the Right to:
Be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes.
Express themselves with originality and enthusiasm.
Take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success.
Accept and appreciate their bodies.
Have confidence in themselves and be safe in the world.
Prepare for interesting work and economic independence.