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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Aaron Wall 1242 Fort Worth, US Sprint
Aaron Greer 620 Irving, US Olympic
Aaron Shapley 771 Austin, US Olympic
AARON Thomas 738 Houston, US Olympic
Abby Mullaney 809 Dallas, US Olympic
Abigail Partridge 1279 Houston, US Sprint
Adam Aguilera 1199 Temple, US Sprint
Adrian Nguyen 864 Frisco, US Olympic
Adrian Olivares 728 McKinney, US Olympic
Adriana Perez 1405 Houston, US Sprint Relay
Adriana Maxwell 744 Humble, US Olympic
Al Nail 1059 Kaufman, US Sprint
Alan Murray 696 Coppell, US Olympic
Alan Leedy 767 Austin, US Olympic
Alan Kim 1211 Houston, US Sprint
Alejandro Quevedo 1209 The Woodlands, US Sprint
Aleksandar Tomic 749 San Antonio, US Olympic
ALEX COSTAS 580 Leander, US Olympic
Alexander Radke 1413 Arlington, US Sprint Relay
Alexandra Mosser 1106 Waco, US Sprint
Ali Preissinger 1164 Keller, US Sprint
Alicia Stevens 1032 Nacogdoches, US Sprint
Alicia Allen 501 Austin, US Open Division - Olympic
Alison Story 528 Oak Ridge North, US Olympic
Allison Moyer 817 Ingram, US Olympic

Event Location

Waco, TX, United States

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