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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Braun Vancouver, BC 50K
Adam Coulter Vancouver, BC 50K
Adam Cutbill MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 50K
Adam Osuchowski Port Moody, BC 50K
Adrian Low Victoria, BC 50K
Adrien Winters Ottawa, ON 50K
Aileen McKeown Vancouver, BC 50K
Alan Doyle Vancouver, BC 50K
Aleksandar Nikov Comox, BC 50K
Alexander Grimbley Vancouver, BC 50K
Alison Edblad COLDSTREAM, BC 50K
Amy Kirby Coquitlam, BC 50K
Anders Nurmi Burnaby, BC 50K
Andre Erlank Victoria, BC 50K
Andrea Lawson Richmond, BC 50K
Andrew Seaton North Vancouver, BC 50K
Andrew Schouten Vancouver, BC 50K
Andrew Katnick Coquitlam, BC 50K
Andy Clement Port Moody, BC 50K
Angela Quinton Langley, BC 50K
Ann Ongena Newbury Park, CA 50K
Anna Matheson Delta, BC 50K
Anna Razzell Maple ridge, BC 50K
Annmarie Gill Revelstoke, BC 50K
Anthony Zeto Sacramento, CA 50K

Event Location

Sasamat Lake, Port Moody, BC, Canada

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