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CA$25.00 Goal: CA$30,000.00

Opportunity International unleashes the power of entrepreneurs in the developing world. Our innovative approach and services allow more people to expand their businesses, create jobs and change the world.

Microfinance: Small loans (average US$295) will be disbursed to poor entrepreneurs in these regions, so they can sustain and/or create their small businesses, which will generate enough income to provide to their families’ basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, health and schooling. Loans are disbursed through three lending methodologies (Trust Group, Solidarity Groups and individual loans).

Clients’ Training:  During loan disbursements and payments, clients will meet to receive training in different topics including health, financial literacy, family relations, etc.


Meet Yarling Pineda

27 year old. 3 kids. Business is a store in her home (4 yeara) plus she sells fish (12 years ago). Husband catches fish for her to sell.

What do you use the loan for? Her husband buys fishing net material for fishing. Cost $60US.
Cost loan was $50US. Second loan was for $160. Part of a trust group. Friend introduced her and brought her to the office to see where to go and how to get a loan.

Sells about 40-60 lbs a day. Sometimes 100 lbs. Husbands bikes to make to get his boat (2km away)

Husband owns the fishing boat. Husband gives 25% to his helper. They do at 4:30am till the afternoon.

She is studying on Saturdays (5th grade)
Kids are in school. Oldest son is in 5th grade as well. Seocond son 3rd grade.

Hopes and dreams: a lot of dreams! She wants to start making home improvements and make her Business bigger. Also move the business out more so it is more visible. Increase fish sales.
·Most profit comes from fish.

During coffee harvest her husband works on a coffee farm.

Need of Microfinance Services in Jinotega

The unemployment rate is 7% and underemployment is over 46% ,which means that most Nicaraguans do not have a source of income to meet the most basic needs of their families 

Jinotega is located in the northern part of central Nicaragua, 164 kilometres from the capital city, Managua. It is the second largest department in the country. The population of the area is 331,335 people. Close to 80% live in the rural areas and almost 46% of the population live in extreme poverty (increasing to 60% in the rural areas). Approximately 60% of the population work in the agricultural sector, mainly coffee and production of basic grains like corn and beans as well as vegetables and flowers. Jinotega produces 80% of Nicaragua's coffee, which is exported to the US, Russia, Canada and Europe. The types of businesses in the area we support are street vendors, convenience stores, and vegetable sellers. Typically these hardworking women go unoticed and unattended.

Opportunity Fundraising Goal $30,000 

1 Loan in a year $130 

2 Loans a year $260

3 Loans a Year $ 380


These loans are repaid at 94% by the hard working women of the region.

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