Please read any waiver carefully. It includes a release of liability and waiver of legal rights and deprives you of the ability to sue certain parties. Do not agree to this document unless you have read and understood it in its entirety. By agreeing electronically, you acknowledge that you have both read and understood the text presented to you as part of the registration process. You also understand and agree that events carry certain inherent dangers and risks which may or may not be readily foreseeable, including without limitation personal injury, property damage or death. Your ability to participate in the event(s) is/are subject to your agreement to the waiver and by agreeing herein, you accept and agree to the terms of the waiver and release agreement.

Release and Indemnity:  I acknowledge that I have agreed to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, forever waive, release and discharge any and all rights and claims for damages and causes for suit or action that I may have at any time against Queen City Marathon Inc., City of Regina, Government of Saskatchewan, Wascana Centre, Conexus Arts Centre, University of Regina, Saskatchewan Property Management, all race committee persons, officials, volunteers and all sponsors or suppliers of this event, for any and all injuries suffered by me as a result of participating in and/or volunteering for this event.  I attest that I am physically fit, have had an opportunity to consult a physician or have consulted a physician and have not been advised of any or do not have any medical disabilities, concerns or restrictions, which would preclude or put me at risk as a result of participation in this event and am aware of the dangers and precautions that must be taken when running or walking in warm or cold conditions, and have sufficiently trained for this event.  I consent to permit emergency care in the event of my illness or injury.  I further consent to the use of my name, likeness and any photos and/or video footage in which I may appear for any purposes related to the promotion of the GMS Queen City Marathon and do so without expectation of remuneration of any kind.  

CHIP WAIVER: Sportstats is the official timing company of the GMS Queen City Marathon.  You will receive a timing chip at race package pickup.  Relay teams will receive one chip on a race number belt, that is to be passed from one team member to the next like a relay "baton".  In order to receive your official race time, timing chips MUST be worn.  Timing chips MUST be worn when crossing any and all timing mats located at the start/finish line and timing mats located out on the course.  REMEMBER NO CHIP-NO TIME.  ALL EVENTS: If your chip is lost during the race please inform Sportstats timing officials immediately upon crossing the finish line.