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Volunteering for the 2019 BFF

Thank you for considering volunteering for the 2019 Beaver Flat 50.  We've had three very successful years and we owe 110% of it to you, the volunteer.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

There are number of jobs outlined below.  We recognize that we haven't provided a lot of detail. In the weeks leading up to the race, we email you the finer details of the job you signed up for.  However, for some context, the day before jobs focus on putting up signage all over the place and the day after jobs will focus on deflagging, which is a great way to see other sections of the course and/or as a recovery exercise.

For volunteering, you will receive:

  • A poutine from Smokes
  • A beer from Black Bridge (if you're so inclined)
  • A shirt
  • A buffet of hugs

There are many accommodation options: (1) one of the many hotels in Swift, (2) some B & Bs, and (3) tons of world class camping.

If you're also running the race, keep that in mind when you're selecting your volunteer jobs.  

We'll be able to shuttle you to your jobs, unless you've picked the course marshalling.  You'll have to do some hiking for this position. Also, dress appropriately.  It can snow and be +27 all in the same day.

Thank you! Send us your questions.

Event Location

Saskatchewan Landing Equestrian Campground, Saskatchewan Landing No. 167, SK, Canada

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