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Raise money for Milton District Hospital Foundation

Run for Milton allows participants to donate money to the Milton District Hospital Foundation through the donate now button. All proceeds collected by Run for Milton will be forwarded to the Milton District Hospital Foundation. A registered charity founded in 1980, Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF) works to raise funds for Milton District Hospital (MDH), site of Halton Healthcare Services (HHS).  As the government does not provide all the funding for hospital equipment needs, MDHF raises funds to help purchase essential medical equipment and improve the facilities through annual fundraising initiatives, community events, and a combination of various other programs.

Over the years MDHF has developed a strong tradition of community support to ensure the people of Milton have access to quality healthcare close to home. You can help to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow by participating today. MDHF most gratefully acknowledges all those who continue their generous support through individual, community or corporate partnerships with MDHF to benefit the hospital.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 15 Anonymous CA$40.00
Apr 15 Gatsby Valet CA$800.00
Apr 14 Rabail chaudhry CA$100.00
Apr 08 Goutam Reddy Allipurapu CA$150.00
Apr 07 Maqbool Sheikh CA$100.00
Apr 07 Anonymous CA$50.00
Apr 04 Anonymous CA$5.00
Mar 18 Anonymous CA$25.00