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Alamo Beer Challenge
2019 Early sign up

The dates are not set but you know we will have it, all 4 so if you sign up now as we fill this in you get in at a much cheaper price

This is a series of races that are to be treated as milestone training runs. We follow an 18 week training schedule designed for runners and running groups that are training for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. These milestone races are designed to keep you on track.  They are also used to allow you to meet everyone in the area that is training just like you.

This is year 10 of this series and we want you to invite your friends.  


8.10.2019 Race 1.  5k and 10k Remember the Alamo..Beer 

9.21.2019 Race 2. 5k, 5 mile and 10 mile Battle of Cibolo Creek, (we are moving the event because last year we got flooded out at Salado Creek)

10.12.2019 Race 3 5k 10k and 13.1 Half marathon, Battle of Hillotes

11.16.2019 Race 4 5k 10 mile and 20 mile Battle of Leon Creek

Each finisher regardless of distance gets a finisher medal at each race.  If you do all 4, virtually or onsite with the runners, you will get a bonus medal.

Sign up now for a short time and pay only one price for all 4 events. Pick your distances, an if you sign up for all 4 you can switch the distances if something should change in your status.

Sign up now for all 4!!!

Each of the 4 races will have a 5k.  The other distances are designed to get longer for each event.  We are following an 18 week training schedule.  If you follow a training schedule these races will help you prepare for any race anywhere, any terrain, at any time of day.  In other words if you do this series you will be ready for half or full marathon season in December.  We have races that start in the morning, at night, hills, flats, heat, cold, everything that you will come across, you will get in these races.

These races are designed to be training runs to prepare for your big day in December, January, February etc.  Let your trainer help you.  If you do not have a trainer emails us we will connect you to the right training group.

For all race details information, go to

NOTE ABOUT DISCOUNT CODES;  If you are 16 or younger, or 70 and over you get an automatic 50% discount.  Do not use an additional discount code.  You will be disqualified if you combine an additional discount code. 

Registration fees

Alamo Beer Series

  1. $170.00

    Early Bird Pricing

    Nov 12 - Nov 9

Fundraising Only

Just looking to fundraise for the event? Register for this sub-event so you can begin collecting funds for a great organization!

  1. Free
    Nov 12 - Nov 9

Age Deals

If you are 16 and younger we are giving you at 50% discount we want you to also take ownership of the race.  When you finish, if you are able, come to the finish line and help the other runners. Stay and help clean up. You are young and we need your energy to make everything perfect.

Then be an ambassador for running and our running events, help us promote the events and the volunteers where ever you go. And on social media, snapchat, facebook, instagram..etc…

70+ participants will also get 50% off. If you can afford it we request that you make a small donation to marrowmatch. If you can not that is fine. We also ask that you take ownership of these races and help with advice to younger runners to keep them calm and caring.


We want your leadership in our runner community.

Thank you.

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Event Schedule

  • August 19 8:01 AM CDT - Start

Contact Information

Event Location

202 Lamar, San Antonio, TX, USA

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