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Calling all Volunteers!

We invite you to sign up to volunteer for this exciting event!  

Your volunteer coordinator is:

Margery Cruise (, 519-217-5414 cell, 905-936-3801 home)

You will need to be available for a volunteers meeting prior on race day at 8am for registration and at 9:35 am.

Volunteering for Registration

We will have 4 teams:  Pre-registered, Race Day Registration, Kids' Registration, SWAG.

Pre-registered - You will be checking pre-registered racers in, completing waivers and handing out race bibs.

Race Day Registration - You will be reviewing registration forms for accuracy, collecting fees, completing waivers and handing out race bibs.

Kids' Registration - You will be reviewing registration forms, completing waivers and handing out race bibs

SWAG - You will be checking race shirt sizes for pre-paid orders and selling shirts.


Also, 4 people to plan the site and set it up on race day at 7am.

Tear down is all hands on deck!

Course Marshals

You will be assigned to a post on the course and given a safely vest, if necessary.

Detailed instructions will be given for your position.  In general,

  • Know the race route and make sure all runners make the correct turns.
  • Be animated with arms and voice to direct runners.  To indicate turns you must be facing runners so they cannot avoid seeing you.  If there is an unexpected hazard ahead, advise runners.     
  • Cheer and encourage all participants.
  • If there is an emergency, call Race Director or Communications Officer at the Pavilion or wait for a cycle marshal.  
Also, needed are 2 or more people to arrive at 7am to set-up the course.

Tear down is all hands on deck including marshals!

Cycle Marshals

 Lead Bike (2 for 10K; 2 for 5K):  Lead bike must stay in front of lead runner.  Ideally, 50 meters or less in front.  

 Advise course marshals on route to be in position and ready “here come the runners”.  If walkers are in runners’ paths - advise “racer coming thru, excuse us”.  

 Approaching finish, lead bikes can now go back out on the course to be of assistance to middle of the pack runners or help at critical intersections.  

 Sweep Bikes (2):  One ‘sweep’ bike will follow the last 5K runner (who may actually be walking) and one behind the last 10K runner.

 5K sweep - When you reach the finish, advise timer and communications desk "last 5K runner", then go back on course and sweep 10K.

  Support Bikes (2):  If numbers allow.  Support bikes patrol the course alongside mid-pack runners. Look for trouble spots – traffic marshal not directing runners, poorly placed or moved signage, problem intersections, runners out of touch with the herd.  Deal with problem, make a phone call or, if best, remain.   

Please arrive with your bike by 9am and check in with volunteer desk. Please wear hi-vis clothing

Note: If you are with Team Running Free, you can wear your RF gear. 
You will be asked for cell number so to make things easier, please reply back to this email to confirm with cell number.

Start Finish Line

A Timing Team will run the race day registrants' forms to the Timing tent..

You will post results and re-post as available in the Results tent.



Direct parking so that cars are packed in for maximum car-count and still safe.

Utilising pavilion parking and overflow parking on the grass.

Will need to wear safety vests.

Refreshments / Lunch

Runners' refreshments - 2 people are needed to cut up fruit and arrange trays; same 2 people can handle water station at the base.  Alternatively, hand out medals & SWAG bags at finish line.

BBQ Lunch - Sobeys will need directions to park and set up.

Event Location

Island Lake Conservation Area, 673067 Hurontario Street, Orangeville L9W 2Y9

Click here to view map