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Salomon Toboggan Run!

Come on out for this super fun format that we also use for the Sonofa Gunofa Run! 

This event won't be cancelled because of poor trail conditions, so come prepared.

If you choose to register, you are basically saying:

"I am tough AND I am totally okay with crazy sketchy icy trails, wading through chest deep snow, and slogging through mud up to my armpits (cuz this is all possible). I know that this race won't be cancelled if the trails are in poor condition, but I am up for a challenge and will suck it up! I will just come prepared with studded shoes, or snowshoes, or skis, or hip waders...and lots of warm clothes to change into!"

Don't forget to bring a headlamp if you think you'll be running in the dark on the last lap!

 This is how it works: starting at 9am, everyone has 1 hour to complete the 5.8k loop (we will use a shorter loop if the trails are really bad). If you finish loop 1 before 10am, you get to sit, socialize, and rest until the next loop starts at 10am. This continues every hour until only one runner can complete the loop under 1 hour. If you are over 1 hour for a loop, your race is done...but if multiple people are still running at 5pm (the bell lap), it'll be a sprint to the finish to declare the winner!!

This format is a super fun way to log some good mileage, with great people, on rail trail/ATV trails/some logging road/fun single track, all without any major pressure to complete the loop on time. 

We have rented the ATV Clubhouse, so you have full access all day to indoor washrooms and shelter for your clothes/food, etc!

The course is made up of: 2k of rail trail, 1.8k of logging road, 1k of ATV trail, and 1k of single track. 

(150m of ascent/descent per lap is a more accurate number than GE's 196m)

The Fine Print:

**To receive your toboggan, you need to be registered by Jan.3rd.




**No dogs allowed on the course.

***Transfers are allowed. Translation: If you can't make it, you can sell your spot.

**Storm Date: Saturday February 2nd, 2019. The storm date will be used if the roads are REALLY bad. "Really bad" means that it's whiteout conditions/nothing but black ice/schools would easily be cancelled/you wouldn't drive to work in those conditions ever, etc. 

Registration fees

1 Hour Wonder Closed

Includes draw prize eligibility, regular aid station food, hot chocolate, and a toboggan!! (see other definition of a "toboggan").

  1. CA$60.00

    Must be at least 19 years old to participate

    Nov 26 - Jan 25

Please Note:

No refunds, No wait list, No deferrals, and No furry friends on the course,
or off-leash please and thanks! 

*Transfers are allowed. If you can't make it, you can sell your spot to someone!


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Event Schedule

  • January 26 7:00 AM AST - Race Check-In Begins

  • January 26 8:30 AM AST - Race Check-in Ends

  • January 26 9:00 AM AST - Race Start

Contact Information

Event Location

15 Station Road, Head of Saint Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

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