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Fair Oaks Sun Run
5-Mile Chicken Run and 2-Mile Rooster Ramble Run/Walk

Volunteer Details

"You want to compose a good world. It's an honorable and noble profession." ~Maya Angelou

You are a builder of bridges and go about composing a "good world" with each smile, kind word and good deed you do every day. That's why we need people like YOU at Fair Oaks Sun Run. 

Please consider sharing your time and talents in support of Fit for Girls, and know, that when you do, you're helping to make someone's race even better and a young teen girl's life that much richer.

Here's important information for you:

Thank you again for sharing your heart with us. It is our privilege to work alongside you to "compose a good world." You are doing an honorable and noble thing.

With sincere thanks,

Kellie Haynes

President, Board of Directors


Event Location

Fair Oaks, CA, United States

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