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Name Leader Members
Neecie's Curesaders Join team Anna Milam Anna Milam, Stephanie Mosher, Dawn Carr, Steph Young, Sue Gaffney
Pina Colada Forever Join team Brian Waltersdorff Brian Waltersdorff, Aimee Melius
Taco Tuesdays Join team Nicole Santarsiero Nicole Santarsiero, Jackie Santarsiero
Team Michelle Join team Jack Mazur Jack Mazur, Michelle Mazur, Dakota Curran
The Fam Slaysss Join team John Goldschmidt John Goldschmidt, Lisa Goldschmidt, Julia Goldschmidt, Lindsay Goldschmidt
The Powers That Be Join team Samantha Powers Samantha Powers, Sharon Powers

Event Location

Stone Harbor, NJ, United States

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