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Name Bib Location Sub-event Raised
Brian Mikuliak 5740 Moose Jaw, SK 10K $107.72
Jerome (Jerry) Huculak 5776 Moose Jaw, SK 10K $54.31
Alan Millar 5741 Moose Jaw, SK 10K $27.60
Sandi Gray 1927 Moose Jaw, SK 5K $27.60
Zackary Wilgosh Moose Jaw, SK Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $27.60
Joe Filson 1916 Raymore, SK 5K $5.00
Abby Orr 1969 Saskatoon, SK 5K $0.00
Adelle Ngo 5748 Regina, SK 10K $0.00
Adrianna Ventresca Moose Jaw, SK Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $0.00
Al Chaluck 5705 Kindersley, SK 10K $0.00
Aldon Bollinger Moose Jaw, SK Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $0.00
Alex Fish 5717 Moose Jaw, SK 10K $0.00
Alexa Hurd Spruce grove, AB Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $0.00
Alison Banman 1885 Swift Current, SK 5K $0.00
Aliyah Aubut Saskatoon, SK Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $0.00
Allan Abramoff 3399 Saskatoon, SK 5K $0.00
Allen Graves 1926 Swift Current, SK 5K $0.00
Amanda Hackney 1929 Caronport, SK 5K $0.00
Amanda Schmidt 1980 Moose Jaw, SK 5K $0.00
Amanda Dowling 5778 MooSe jaw, SK 10K $0.00
Anderson Irving Regina, SK Runt Run (Breakfast NOT Included) $0.00
Andrea Amiot 5691 Moose Jaw, SK 10K $0.00
Andrew Sweeney 1990 Regina, SK 5K $0.00
Angela Kistner 3406 Pilot Butte, SK 5K $0.00
Ariana Bell 1888 Gravelbourg, SK 5K $0.00

Event Location

Wakamow Valley, Home Street East, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada

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