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CCS Wheels of Hope

Raise money for CCS Wheels of Hope

Imagine facing the devastation of a cancer diagnosis. Now imagine having to worry about how you will get back and forth to treatment. In Ontario, 1 in 5 cancer patients have trouble getting to their life-saving treatment appointments. 

Help your neighbours focus on getting well, not on how they will get to treatment. 

Make a donation to help provide rides to cancer patients in your community.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 14 Lynda McLeod What you do is such a blessing! $25.00
Sep 13 Christina Allan $10.00
Sep 13 D Ng $100.00
Sep 13 Anonymous Next year I'm going to start a fund raiser a few months in advance. $25.00
Sep 11 Anonymous $25.00
Sep 10 Deborah MacLeod $100.00
Sep 10 Fionnie and Rufus $100.00
Sep 10 Greg Kaiser $250.00
Sep 04 Veronica Campbell $50.00