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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Rosemarie Romano Sumter, US Metric Century $54.39
John Green Columbia, US Half-Metric Century $27.65
Allison Mikula Columbia, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Apeil Hames Lexington, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Arik Purpura Charlotte, US Half Century $0.00
Arnaldo Santiago Columbia, US Metric Century $0.00
Belinda Moon Lugoff, US Metric Century $0.00
Ben Clark Irmo, US Half Century $0.00
Beth Garrick Columbia, US Metric Century $0.00
Betty Best Columbia, US Half Century $0.00
Billy Sisley Charlotte, US Half Century $0.00
Brent Munsell Mt Pleasant, US Metric Century $0.00
Brent Mikula Columbia, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Brian Crisp Florence, US Metric Century $0.00
Brian Fender Columbia, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Bruce Prior Columbia, AX Metric Century $0.00
Byron Williams Lexington, US Half Century $0.00
Caprice Poore Camden, US Metric Century $0.00
Carlos Castro Elgin, US Metric Century $0.00
Carolyn Cooley Gilbert, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Catherine Ashbridge Columbia, US Metric Century $0.00
Chris Thomas Hartsville, US Metric Century $0.00
Chris Rowland Florence, US Half-Metric Century $0.00
Christopher Browne Columbia, US Metric Century $0.00
Chuck Martin WEST COLUMBIA, US Metric Century $0.00

Event Location

222 Broad St, Camden, SC, United States

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