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Raise money for SickKids Foundation

The cornerstone of SickKids has always been the community. SickKids has always led. We’ve always been on the front lines in the fight for children’s health. But today, our biggest battle is against limits. The limits of an old building, the limits on generating new knowledge and translating it to treatment, the limits on delivering seamless health care to every child. Join us, and unleash the full potential of SickKids.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 22 John Benologa It's not much, but this is for the real heroes fighting battles and persevering every day CA$11.70
Aug 22 Irena Zhivov CA$27.80
Aug 22 Lisa Kozma CA$27.80
Aug 21 Lesley DiLorenzo CA$5.00
Aug 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 20 Jennifer Santangelo CA$6.33
Aug 19 Anonymous CA$27.80
Aug 19 Anonymous CA$6.33
Aug 19 Aristotle Domingo CA$5.00
Aug 18 Joe Faria CA$22.43