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Brains Together For a Cure

Raise money for Brains Together For a Cure

BTFC is a non-profit organization raising money for pediatric and adult brain tumor research and awareness!

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Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Fuzzy Purple

Raised: $6,874.53

Hope & Promise

Raised: $2,648.73

Helena’s Sloth Running Team

Raised: $1,397.84

Team Jimbo

Raised: $1,295.27

Team Kari

Raised: $1,186.38

D🐾 Strong

Raised: $1,183.51

Brad's Explorers

Raised: $869.92

Keri’s Klan

Raised: $700.76

Team Darst

Raised: $646.21

Brains and Beauty

Raised: $618.33

Team Greg's Wild Bunch

Raised: $530.26

Power Together for Pam

Raised: $477.49

Audrey Squad

Raised: $357.42


Raised: $340.80

Team Rosie

Raised: $319.29

Rita Mae’s Tribe

Raised: $243.89

Team Joel Rott

Raised: $243.89

Sofia Smiles

Raised: $236.85

Rainbows for Carly Jo Monahan

Raised: $188.93

Mia Princess Warrior

Raised: $154.10

Jenny’s Warriors

Raised: $52.48

Team Joe Mama

Raised: $49.63

Team Donna Brandell

Raised: $27.48

Big B

Raised: $27.48

Coming in Clutch!

Raised: $11.18

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 30 Jim Christianson $1.00
Sep 30 Aloys Wieser Kari, you are a strong person! We will keep you in our prayers. $107.35
Sep 30 Julie Berns $107.35
Sep 30 Kate Undeland $54.10
Sep 30 A therapist at WSP ACP Thank you for sharing your personal connection to this cause, and contributing to the cause. $32.80
Sep 30 Virginia Vankeulen $27.48
Sep 30 Mark and Angie Wieser $107.35
Sep 30 Ruth Wieser $54.10
Sep 29 Tobias Peikert $533.35
Sep 29 Jenny Jandera $32.80