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2nd Annual Leprechaun's 5k, 10k, Challenge, and Kid's Fun Run
Chase the Leprechaun!

This event is ON St. Patrick's Day!!!

Bring the entire family and celebrate St. Patrick's day with runs and games for the kids! Register to run either a 5k (you can also walk this!), 10k, Challenge (5k+10k) or sign your kids up for a 100 meter dash at Al Lopez Park in Tampa, FL.

The kids run will be conducted on the grass near shelter 315.  Ages 4-10 only, please!

The entire family can enjoy this event that includes family live music, a kids run, and children games. 

What do I get?

Every finisher will earn a custom themed medal, bib, and a certified time.  This event is chip-timed!

Virtual runners will have their bib and medal mailed to them directly after the race.  Please allow 2-3 business days for your package to arrive!

***Every child registered to run in the kid's fun run will receive a custom medal***

Registration fees

5K Run Closed

Registration closed
  • This is a certified 5k run that utilizes both the large loop AND the small loop at Al Lopez Park.

    1. $25.00
      Jan 14 – Jan 31
    2. $30.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 17

10K Run Closed

Registration closed
    1. $35.00
      Jan 14 – Jan 31
    2. $40.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 17

The Leprechaun's Challenge Closed

Registration closed
  • This special event combines both the 5k and 10k earning the runner a total of THREE medals for running a total of 15 kilometers! The runner will run these back-to-back without stopping, and will begin simultaneously with the 10k runners at 8am. Because of the time restriction (3-hours), we don't encourage walkers in this event block.

    1. $50.00
      Jan 14 – Jan 31
    2. $60.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 17

Children's 200 Meter Fun Run Closed

Registration closed
    1. $20.00
      Jan 14 – Jan 31
    2. $25.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 17

Virtual 10K Closed

  1. $25.00
    Jan 14 - Mar 17

Virtual 5K Closed

  1. $20.00
    Jan 14 - Mar 17

Promotional Discount

Save 15%!!!

We know times can be tough on your wallet. We also know you want to run and be a part of this celebratory event, which is why we've decided to permanently reinstate the LEPRECHAUN15 promo code to save you 15% off your total transaction.

Help a runner out!

Don't let your friends and family sign up without using the promo code! Share it on your social feed and let everyone know about it.

Pre-Race Packet Pick Up


Course Map

This course will utilize the Al Lopez Park loops. Runners MUST run the large loop first, followed by the smaller loop. This completes the 5k run. 10k runners will run TWO big loops and TWO small loops (IN THAT ORDER!!!).  Challenge runners will run THREE big loops and THREE small loops.


Our timing mats are programmed to record times only after the runner completes the course in a specific order.  If the runner fails to complete the course in the following order, your time won't be recorded and there will be NOTHING we can do to help you.

  • 5k Runners: (BIG LOOP, SMALL LOOP)


Placement Awards

5k, 10k, and Challenge Runners

First, Second, and Third place finishers will receive an additional award in the following categories:

  • Young Athletes (10-14)
  • Inspiring Athletes (15-19)
  • Warriors (20-26)
  • Hard Chargers (27-34)
  • The Motivators (35-49)
  • The Professors (50-55)
  • The Scholars (56-60)
  • The Elitists (61 and over)

Placement finishers will receive a signed certificate by the Race Director with their certified time in addition to a tiered discount towards our next event.  First place finishers will receive a 75% discount off any future NeoEndurance event.  Second place finishers will receive a 50% discount, and third place finishers will receive a 30% discount. ALL CERTIFICATES WILL BE MAILED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE EVENT.

Kids Run

The 100-meter Kids Fun Run will not have placement awards (but they all get fun medals and prizes!)

Military Discount

For 2019, we've increased the discount for military service members and veterans from 15% to 20%. We support the U.S. Armed Forces, and we want to give back.

If you're a military service member, reservist, or a veteran of the U.S. military, you get a 20% discount on your registration. To qualify for this discount, you'll be required to show one of the following forms of identification to the volunteers at the registration tent. Without these documents, you will be banned from future NeoEndurance races.

  1. Military CAC ID (must not say "Civilian" or "Contractor")
  2. Retiree ID Card
  3. Veteran Affairs ID Card
  4. Driver's License with "V" symbol.

A DD-214 alone is not sufficient without photo identification that matches your document.  In an effort to prevent fraud and abuse of this program, while ensuring that military service members and veterans are recognized for their services, you'll be asked to show one of the above forms of ID when you pick up your bib packet. Use the promo code MILITARY20 at checkout.



Weather and Refunds

This is a rain or shine event.  We don't anticipate a drastic temperature in weather.  It is, afterall, the "Sunshine State".  However, in the unusual circumstance that this event is cancelled due to extreme weather (hurricane or heavy unrelenting downpour), there will be NO REFUND!  Instead, we will reschedule the event to the next available weekend.

If, in the unlikely event that we have to reschedule the event to another weekend and participants are unable to make the new date, they have several options which can all be done by the runner under "Race Management" in their RunSignUp profile:

  1. Defer their registration to the following year.
  2. Transfer your registration to another event in the same year (we have many events in the Tampa area!).
  3. Sell your bib to another runner for a refund (there's a $5 fee for this and the recipient must complete the registration).
  4. Gift your bib to another runner w/ NO refund.

In the event of lightning in the area, we will postpone the event by an hour, possibly longer, or until the "all-clear" is given by park and race officials.

Contact Information

Event Location

Tampa, FL 33614, U.S.

Click here to view map