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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Pedal Pushers Join team Jennifer Leventhal Jennifer Leventhal, Sandy Simon, Tracy Hartlieb, Sheila Nelson, Mary Yoo, Sharon Durrett $1,900.00
Girls Just Want To Ride Bikes Join team Stacey Bingaman Stacey Bingaman, Elyssa Welling, Annie Lesch, Mary Jo Crosby, Ashley Flatland, Jenny Ball, Erin Haggerty, Amy Harms, Sara Love, Michelle Rogers, Joyce Anderson, Elizabeth Finnamore, Marisa Maxwell, Elaine Darer, Megan Smith $1,100.00
She-Rex Join team Lisa Williams Lisa Williams, Paula Patrick, Linda Nguyen, Trisha Mack, Jo-Elle Munchak $55.00
AH Angels Join team Janet Southall Janet Southall, Sylvia Van Loveren $25.00
DLDN Join team Dory Newell Dory Newell, Debi Lee $0.00
I'm Glad We Spoke Join team Doris Cheung Doris Cheung, Franny Cheung $0.00
Karol and Amy Join team Karol Kimmerly Karol Kimmerly, Amy Williamson $0.00
Major Taylor Cycling Club Join team Natali Villarruel Natali Villarruel $0.00
On Angel's Wings Join team Amanda Myers Amanda Myers, Alethea Peyrin $0.00
Venus Envy Join team Michelle Lewis Michelle Lewis, Christine Clark, Vicki-Lynne McCabe $0.00

Event Location

Baker Demonstration School, 201 Sheridan Rd, Wilmette, IL, USA

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