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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Dodgers All Stars Join team Maria Hernandez Maria Hernandez, Frank Gibbons $500.00
Take It To Two Join team J Martin Lauren Brunjes, J Martin, Rolando Bowen $300.00
Team Herc Join team Bob Neiwirth Bob Neiwirth, Christina Neiwirth, Natalie Trejo, Loren Trejo $200.00
The Misfit Toys Join team Courtney Chapron-Engi Courtney Chapron-Engi, Sheila Wright $145.00
Lady Blue crew Join team Renee Flores Renee Flores, Regina Marquez-Martinez $100.00
Dodger Twitter Fam Join team Tatiana Torres Tatiana Torres, Rocio Aguda, Laura Woodry $25.00
Pasadena Pacers Join team Carol Reader-meislin Carol Reader-meislin, Krista Moll, Jay Kasten, Ezra Weisz, Evelyn Brown, Tulia Montes, Fernando Ramirez $25.00
Nishaljan Join team Shalini Solomon Shalini Solomon, Nihal Solomon, Sanjan Solomon $15.00
Dubsado Join team Becca Berg Becca Berg, Jacob Berg, Christian Turner, Hyun Ouk Kim, Annika Robbins, Paolo Chuidian, Elizabeth Johnston $5.00
Los Viejitos Join team Robert Vargas Robert Vargas, Sonia Ortiz $5.00

Event Location

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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