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Raise money for HART


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Dragon (In memory of Oscar)

Raised: CA$3,040.93

Murdog Mysteries

Raised: CA$1,832.07

The Timbits

Raised: CA$1,342.49

3 Gals and a Guy

Raised: CA$1,324.97

Semper Puppies

Raised: CA$913.50

Raise the Ruff

Raised: CA$549.30

Ruff Runners

Raised: CA$542.52

Go Gadget Go

Raised: CA$452.86

The Bitts

Raised: CA$380.00


Raised: CA$307.30

The Gallups

Raised: CA$258.19

Vinny's team

Raised: CA$192.31

Party Puppers

Raised: CA$173.14

Sansom Clan

Raised: CA$55.20

Team pardo-beso

Raised: CA$54.31

Team Barkleshmark

Raised: CA$50.00

Athlete's Choice Massage

Raised: CA$25.00

Beast Mode

Raised: CA$5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 16 Allen Elan CA$40.00
Sep 16 Rick Kostyshen CA$50.00
Sep 16 Nick Wawrynchuk CA$50.00
Sep 16 Cynthia & Peter Baker CA$20.00
Sep 16 Lawrence Walls CA$30.00
Sep 16 Barb Reinhardt CA$50.00
Sep 16 Candice Hergot CA$40.00
Sep 16 Arron Best CA$20.00
Sep 16 Roselio Vitales Jr CA$20.00
Sep 16 Barb Stagg CA$20.00