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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Team Kevin Join team Stephan Lehm Stephan Lehm, Cyndi Lehm, Linda Kay, Chuck Kay, Chuck Kay, Mandy Maness, Maleah Maness, Yvonne Lehm $5,369.69
Just Breathe Join team Tish Brey Tish Brey, Scott Adams, Callie Brey $859.60
Parish Pacers Join team Susan Phillips Susan Phillips $554.10
Lions Club of Rehoboth Beach Join team Rudy Kalbfleisch Rudy Kalbfleisch $168.49
Lions Club of Rehoboh Beach Join team Eric Kalbfleisch Eric Kalbfleisch $0.00
Restart the Force Join team Tina Moyer Tina Moyer, Teresa Anderson, Amy Strong, Stephanie Psilopoulos, Shana Wheatley, LouJean Purcelley, Cierra Williams, Sujati Santohir, Angela Damen $0.00

Event Location

Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE, United States

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