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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Grace Lutheran Church Join team Allison Becker Allison Becker, Dawn Iacobucci, Dana Mccreary, William McCreary, Morgan McCreary, Mason Mccreary $25.00
Eli Whitney Join team Ryan Salthouse Ryan Salthouse $0.00
Hillhouse Join team Audra Forstrom Audra Forstrom, Catrina Hawley, Danielle Smith $0.00
Mudder Mayhem Join team Anne Keane Anne Keane $0.00
Team Silver Fox Join team Rick Marcone Rick Marcone, Ryan Marcone, Alison Marcone, Jeremy Marcone, Frank Bevacqua $0.00
The Cool Crew Join team Michelle Beamonte Michelle Beamonte, Tony Zeko, Stephanie Marro $0.00
The Villagers Join team Robert Betlinski Robert Betlinski $0.00

Event Location

Short Beach, Dorne Drive, Stratford, CT, United States

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