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We believe in the support Lighthouse offers, and the work it does. They have built a solid foundation, they are an established charity with 20 years of experience and a level of professionalism that is sought after. As one of the thought leaders in the field of grief and bereavement, Lighthouse is fulfilling their vision. In addition to their core service, companioning bereaved children, their work educating and training professionals across our multicultural communities is enabling us all to learn more about the language of death and how to support grieving children and their families with compassion.


100% of money raised will reach The Lighthouse for Grieving Children.  

Lighthouse has been offering hope and encouragement to grieving children, teens and their families in Southern Ontario since 1999. Thousands have benefitted from their open-ended support that is free to all families.

They provide a safe space where children and teens are invited to share their feelings and have them validated and normalized by others who understand. Bereaved children ages 3 - 18 years can join a Lighthouse peer group that meets twice each month throughout the year.

They are 95% self-funded, with no Government support. Their community has helped them grow over the years, which enables them to fulfil their vision "to encourage a supportive community for grieving children and their families within Lighthouse and beyond." 

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Carol Lee

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Oct 17 Matthew Kerr $100.00
Oct 17 Paul Cestnik $100.00
Oct 16 Elsa Chu $100.00
Oct 15 Carol Lee $100.00
Sep 19 Ronnie Li $50.00
Aug 19 Terrance Jeffries $100.00
May 03 Jeannie Jang-Li $100.00