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Pen Run 5 K Trail Summer Run Club PRW 2019

The Club will meet in our White Rock store or at a local park at 6:30 pm every Tuesday night for 10 weeks from May 7 to July 9th . Cost is $50!  Anyone with an interest in improving their fitness and learning more about the sport of fitness -jogging and running in a fun, safe, trail environment is qualified to join. We offer three distinct program-levels for everyone.

The Learn-to-Run - Run Easy & Run Stronger programs offer a safe and gradual introduction to improved fitness and fun race-event preparation. The Run Stronger club will achieve more ambitious, steady training runs. Each session features the ‘Walk-Jog-Run’ technical progression, until you’re finally walking fast or running strong for 45 minutes+, 3-4 times per week... at a pace that will allow you to walk or run a 5k - 10k event with comfort and flare!!

Some people want to relieve stress or lose weight on the way to improving their ability to run safely and better every week. Our program design is specifically developed to help you gain strength with a safe running technique.

This is a great way to get in shape and enjoy the trails. Included in your entry fee is race entry to the Fort Langley 5 K on July 14th.

Registration fees

Learn to Run Trail Closed

A group that lets you transition slowly from walking to jogging. Great for those who want to learn to run or have not run in a while. All our workouts will be on local trails.

  1. $50.00
    Apr 2 - Jul 9

Run Easy Trail Closed

This group will let you progress a little quicker than the learn to run group but is similar in that by the end you will be running a easy 5 K. All our workouts wil be on local trails.

  1. $50.00
    Apr 2 - Jul 9

Run Stronger Trail Closed

Become a stronger runner by doing hill workout, interval sessions and tempo runs! All our workouts will be on local trails.

  1. $50.00
    Apr 2 - Jul 9

Event Schedule

  • May 7 6:30 PM PDT - Run group starts

  • July 9 6:30 PM PDT - Run group ends

Contact Information

Event Location

100 1688 152 Street, Surrey BC

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