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My Story…

We’re producing a freaking global event. Yes, WE. On June 20th 2019 we’re honoring World Refugee Day. I’m going to Uganda to support the 5k onsite. You’re either going to run virtually or join a shadow run. If you’re one of my friends that directs races or you always wanted to put on a small fun run, then you’re going to host a shadow run in your town. If you can't do any of that then simply make a donation below or even better do both. We’re doing this. We need to keep this event alive and we need to blow past that finish line. We need to support refugees everywhere. We’re going to create home. Let’s make this planet a better place. Let’s go world. Let’s go team humans. Let’s give just a little more.

Donate to help JT raise money for World Refugee Day 5K Virtual Run’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 21 Noel Birbeck this ROCKS! $27.48
May 21 Adam Smith Changing the world from here! $27.48
May 21 Rebecca Hernandez $27.48
May 21 Brian Kennedy Get after it! $11.50
May 21 Brian Hyland $107.35