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Name Leader Members Raised Action
RBC Out of the Cubicle, Into the Fire Join team Kristine Cormier Kristine Cormier, Adam Bursey $110.00 Donate
Assomption Vie Join team Gilles Gaudet Gilles Gaudet, Antoinette Legere, Tania Cormier, Marc Boudreau $25.00 Donate
Les marcheurs de La Place Join team Andree Savoie Andree Savoie, Chantal Losier, Gillian Gallant $20.00 Donate
Bulletproof Ninjas Eric Lachevrotiere Eric Lachevrotiere, Robyn Neill, Sarah Chambers, Robin Purcell, Maggie MacFarlane $0.00 Donate
Deloitte Join team Jeremy Mallais Jeremy Mallais $0.00 Donate
Scrambled Legs Join team Carole LeBlanc Carole LeBlanc $0.00 Donate
Test Join team Anrif Kakpo Anrif Kakpo $0.00 Donate

Event Location

Bore View Park, Bendview Court, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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