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This is our 5th Annual Doggy Dash and the event is really geared towards promoting a healthy social lifestyle for dogs in Trinidad and creating a bond with your pet whilst exercising. We would also like to create an environment for family dogs. 

Aggressive dogs are a thing of the past. Family dogs are the way to go! 

Before and after this event we would like to see:-
1. more people exercising their dogs on a regular basis
2. people caring for their dogs better
3. creation of a few dog friendly parks and beaches
4. people picking up their dog's poop (simple consideration for others)
5. the mindset towards dogs change (where people think that all dogs are going to attack them)
We have a long journey ahead of us, but we need to start somewhere.

Location: The Arboretum, Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas
Time: Gates open at 2pm, Running Race at 3pm
Contact: Jason 784-4128
Register Online: Click Register Button (Top Left)

Click Here for the Google maps address

- 1st to 3rd Overall Running Race (Dog & Male owner)
- 1st to 3rd Overall Running Race (Dog & Female owner)
- Biggest dog to finish the race
- Smallest dog to finish the race
- Best dressed dog (Costumes Welcomed) 
- The most awesome looking team (Dress-up together) 
- and many more draw prizes to be won!

Price Online:
USD$12 per team (1 Dog & 1 Owner for the Race)
Price increase to USD$15 on July 18

Price at offline registration location: 
TTD $120 per team (1 Dog & 1 Owner for the Race)

Race Day Registration:
TTD $140 per team (1 Dog & 1 Owner for the Race)
TTD $10 Spectator without Dog
TTD $20 Spectator with Dog

START @ Arboretum --> Enter Snake Trail (East) --> Exit Snake Trail --> Enter North Bunker --> Enter South Bunker --> Enter Arboretum (West Gate) --> Run/Walk to Finish


Sadly, in Trinidad & Tobago, most government authorities seem to be against dogs in public areas. You will see large signs stating that dogs are not allowed at beaches and parks. This mindset is very dated and we want to try to change this by showing the authorities that not all dogs are bad.

Countdown to event

Registration fees

Dog & Owner Run/Walk

Price changes in 29 days 52 minutes
  • Prices quoted in USD

    1. Closed
      May 1 – May 1
    2. $12.00

      Early Pup Rate [Price in USD]

      Now registering May 1 – Jul 17
    3. $15.00

      Standard Price [Price in USD]

      Jul 18 – Aug 18

Best Dressed Costume Prize to be won


Thank You to our Sponsors


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Event Schedule

  • August 18 1:30 PM AST - Team check-in

  • August 18 3:00 PM AST - Race Start

  • August 18 4:30 PM AST - Awards

Contact Information

Event Location

The Arboretum, Bachelor Road, Chaguaramas

Click here to view map