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My Sister's House

Raise money for My Sister's House

Run for a Safe Haven is owned and produced by My Sister's House. Help us defray the costs associated with the race and increase the impact of your registration by making a donation to eliminate domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in our community.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $713.42


Raised: $697.36

Brian & Raphael Saechao

Raised: $674.03

Hot Mess Express

Raised: $527.48

Lions of District 4-C5

Raised: $458.60

Run 4 Him

Raised: $450.28

Team Laguna Sunrise Rotary

Raised: $367.22

Team NCJW & WBI Sisterhood

Raised: $333.77

Parkview Warriors and Angel Team

Raised: $292.68

Paul Blanco Strong

Raised: $267.10

Women of AT&T

Raised: $246.52

FedEx Cares

Raised: $218.02

Oto's Marketplace

Raised: $176.09

Bayanihan Clinic

Raised: $175.00

Buddhist Church Florin BWA

Raised: $145.48

AP & Co.

Raised: $136.13

Thrive Kaiser Permanente

Raised: $107.35


Raised: $81.58

Iu Mien Community Services (IMCS)

Raised: $60.28

Hmong Women Against Violence

Raised: $54.10

Step it Up, Buttercup

Raised: $27.48

Cool Running Wonky Antelopes

Raised: $27.48

Walking Warriors

Raised: $27.48


Raised: $27.48

Fem Dems

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 28 Bayanihan Clinic $175.00
Oct 28 Amelia Kacena Undisclosed amount
Oct 28 Casimiro U Tolentino $54.10
Oct 27 Latrice Cusic This is what you do! May God continue to bless you to be a blessing. $15.00
Oct 26 Scarlette Bustos $54.10
Oct 26 Anonymous $25.00
Oct 26 Anonymous $100.00
Oct 26 $55.00
Oct 26 Sabrina Charles Blessings, God 1st, stay Faithful/strong to all persons of any type of violence. I’m grateful be part of this fundraiser. Tonye sis, Wly! $11.82
Oct 26 Anonymous $55.00