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My Story…

Watching my little daughter Zeila in hospital getting countless blood test all the medicines she have to take and being in hospital for 36 days. For sure was the hardest thing I’ve ever face. By standing there in the hospital room not be able to tell her any good news and when we can go home, I feel helpless. I can’t describe how much happiness and joy make a wish give us all when we find out that zei can make a wish. We wasn’t even sure that it will come true but it gave us something to look forward too and distract us from being in hospital. I’m forever grateful what Make a wish did for Zeila and hope that my family and friends can donate or join the run. There are a lot more kids that waiting for their wish to come true. Thankyou

Donate to help Benjamen raise money for JINGLE ROCK RUN 2019’s fundraising campaign.

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Sep 28 Travis Fernandez $26.04
Sep 25 Tavis Kagawa $26.04
Sep 18 Parkin Family $312.48
Sep 17 Jonathan Bello $104.16