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Help Jocelyn raise money

For participating in Fight To End Homelessness

My Story…

Pssst...come a little closer...I've got a little secret to tell you. The reality hacking answer to life's deepest secrets and questions. Are you ready? The answer is...PERSPECTIVE. Yep. PERSPECTIVE. It's the answer to everything. And here's some even better news. YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN DETERMINE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. What?! I know, right?! So what does this have to do with a fundraiser called The Fight to End Homelessness? EVERYTHING! Look around you. Are you comfortable, fed, rested, with a roof over your head, people who you love & love you back? Even on my worst day, I have all of the above, which makes my perspective one of possibility, choice and gratitude. From this perspective, which I call #JWOL (Jocelyn Way of Life) I can recognize when others are barely surviving, homeless, hungry, hurting & I can choose to HELP! Follow my #JWOL journey to the ring! All donations over $50 go in a draw to sit at the Zen'Za table on fight night!

Donate to help Jocelyn raise money for Fight To End Homelessness’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 13 Jamie Jack Good Luck! CA$21.13
Oct 29 Maureen Callahan Good luck Jocelyn!!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 21 Helena Telford CA$52.83
Aug 20 Alisha Beach Float like a butterfly sting like a bee 😉 CA$63.39
Aug 19 The Ablitts Go rock them! Undisclosed amount
Aug 15 Laura Hill Good for Jocelyn - best of luck and much needed! CA$21.13
Aug 14 James & Terra CA$105.65
Jul 28 Robert Kuenzlen CA$105.65
Jul 27 Andrew Morwood CA$52.83
Jul 27 Wayne deGroot+522-303-757-2268 862 CA$52.83