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Welcome to Prairie River Network's Run/Walk for Wildlife Fundraising Campaign as part of the 2020 Illinois Marathon.

We love wildlife! Fluttering monarch butterflies pollinating the flowers and graceful eagles soaring over our rivers...wildlife inspires and excites us whenever we see them in nature. 

Sadly, much of their habitat has been destroyed. 90% of Illinois' original wetlands have been drained. Deforestation threatens the 75% of Illinois' wildlife that require forest habitat. And our once beautiful rolling prairies have been replaced by farmland and industry.

Together, we can help make a difference. 

Joining our team will help restore wetlands and reconnect rivers to their natural floodplains. With help and support from people like you, we saved 50,000 acres of wetlands along the Mississippi River from being destroyed. You can help build on this success.

Join our Run for Wildlife Team or make a donation today. Illinois' wildlife can't wait.


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Team information

Mother Nature's Daughters

Raised: $824.83

Prairie Rivers Network

Raised: $473.18

First Presbyterian Church of Urbana

Raised: $267.95

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 07 Wayne Schlapkohl $11.50
Jun 07 Katherine Schlapkohl $11.50
May 22 Prairie Rivers Network $107.35
Mar 10 Martin Nudelman Run fast $54.10
Mar 02 Kassi Walker Undisclosed amount
Feb 27 Mike & Rachel Ingram $47.50
Feb 27 Jon Gunderson Thank you for protecting our rivers $27.48
Feb 27 Cathy Inman Thanks, Karen. A great cause! $107.35
Feb 26 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 26 Debbie Broadrick $27.48