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Friends of Bon Echo

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45 percent of the goal has been raised

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CA$922.70 Goal: CA$2,000.00

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Our Values

The Friends of Bon Echo Park is an association of volunteers. We value the significance of teamwork and initiative in effecting change. We are empowered to serve this active provincial park by our commitment to our natural and cultural heritage. We strive to act in a manner that is environmentally conscientious.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to provide and assist activities that encourage recognition of the inherent beauty of the environment as well as the delicate balance in the natural habitat. Creative expression and its appreciation are supported. Understanding of our cultural heritage is fostered through our publications, projects, and presentations. Our educational programs and activities reflect our values and vision. Projects in which we engage, endeavor to generate a positive climate within the Park.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jan 19 Michael Aube CA$27.80
Jan 10 Terri-Lyn Jones Undisclosed amount
Jan 08 Anonymous CA$6.33
Jan 07 John Dunbabin CA$54.63
Jan 04 Tony Hrycyna Undisclosed amount
Jan 03 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 01 Michael Campbell Undisclosed amount
Dec 31 Karen Hewitt Undisclosed amount
Dec 31 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Dec 29 Steve Menzie CA$27.80