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Support Haiti H20 as I run the Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend 5k!

Run for Hope participants have provided children within Haiti access to improved schooling options!
Education is a powerful force of advancing opportunity, prosperity and growth. A strong education system is fundamental to ensuring that all have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to thrive - The Brookings Institution

With the funds raised through the ten years of the Run for Hope, Haiti H2O has partnered to construct two schools and working on our third school in Meloniere. According to the World Bank, "A child born today in Haiti will be only 45% as productive when she grows up as she would be if she enjoyed full education and health." Join the Run for Hope today so we can continue to provide improved educational opportunities for the children of rural Haiti to reach their full potential.


Haiti H2O is a development organization based in Pittsburgh partnering to transform hope into opportunity in rural Haiti.  Our approach is to take time to listen to local leaders and invest in their ideas, empowering them to make positive change.  We currently work with four rural communities in areas such as education, health and sanitation, business initiatives, home construction, and livestock cooperative.  H2O invests the money raised to impact the lives of people in rural Haiti! Learn more about the work

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 22 Tisha Woo Undisclosed amount
Feb 16 Julia Nelson $27.63
Feb 09 Anonymous $15.00
Feb 05 Christy Govantes $27.63
Feb 04 Ann Chan $27.63
Feb 04 Christina Koerber I love you. I love this organization! $16.94
Feb 03 Heather Gomez You are an awesome sassy sista! $16.94
Feb 02 Sean Springer Good luck Tisha! Thanks for sharing with us this ministry opportunity. Sean $16.94
Feb 02 Stephanie Reeves Run, Tisha, Run! $16.94