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Hello Beautiful Friends and Family,

This year the crazy Sprenkels will be running our NINTH Pittsburgh Marathon 5k in the hopes of raising lots of money for an organization that is dear to our hearts.

Since 2006, Haiti H2O has partnered with four rural communities in Haiti – building schools, churches, sanitation projects, and micro-enterprises. But, there is more work to be done. We hope that you can continue to support their amazing work as you have done in the past. You have always been so generous and we are grateful for your big hearts.

Love, The Sprenkels


Haiti H2O is a development organization based in Pittsburgh working to bring hope and opportunity through partnership with the people of Haiti. We work within four communities throughout Haiti to bringing hope to opportunity with access to clean water, sanitation, schools, and small business opportunities for people in rural Haiti.  Haiti H2O will use the funds you raise to change the lives of people in Haiti! Learn more about the work