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The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research brings together the best minds from within Purdue University and beyond to study cancers where they start — inside the cell. Using the combined expertise of scientists from disciplines as varied as engineering and veterinary medicine, biology, and chemistry, the Center for Cancer Research promotes discovery into how cancers develop, progress and respond to treatment. Our work leads to the advancement of new medicines, early detection and diagnostic methods, more effective treatments, and highly efficient drug delivery systems.

As a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research is making significant contributions to emerging technologies such as cancer vaccines and combination chemotherapy. We specialize in translational research that saves lives by translating laboratory findings into new and innovative therapies as quickly as possible. 


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Team Kickin' it for Tyler Trent!

Raised: $2,355.19

Sisters for Life

Raised: $1,449.63


Raised: $533.35

Canadian Boilers

Raised: $376.16

Steve's Squad

Raised: $360.38

Minnicus Family

Raised: $268.80

Kendrick’s Zisters

Raised: $218.92

The Cary Team

Raised: $137.65

Julie's Herd

Raised: $130.09

Trader Lab- MCMP

Raised: $126.05

Peeps with a Purpose

Raised: $107.35

Team Conley

Raised: $107.35

Myers Family

Raised: $100.00

4 the Beer

Raised: $82.44

BL’s Herd

Raised: $77.48


Raised: $64.96

Boilers FC 08 Girls

Raised: $54.96

Superman Strong

Raised: $54.10


Raised: $54.10

Shirley’s Girls

Raised: $27.65

Team ACell

Raised: $27.48

IUHealth WCR SPA Team

Raised: $27.48

Special Olympics Fitness Club

Raised: $25.00


Raised: $17.68

Meyer Family

Raised: $13.00


Raised: $12.52

John Purdue Club

Raised: $5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Mar 28 Gail Mesecar Andy & I are sad this event had to be canceled. But we still wanted to contribute! Undisclosed amount
Mar 28 Marcy Ziek $54.10
Mar 26 Stephen Snyder Donation of cancelled 2020 Race Fee $43.45
Mar 26 Gina Weilbaker $107.35
Mar 25 Paul Reising $267.10
Mar 19 Janet Brosche $107.35
Mar 12 Phil and Kelli Hermanns So grateful for this research. $54.10
Mar 10 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 09 Abby Price $6.18
Mar 09 Jane Harper Eckel $107.35