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Eating Disorders Nova Scotia (EDNS) is a community based organization that offers peer support for individuals with eating disorders, and for their families, friends and partners.

In addition we provide:

Education for caregivers, clinicians, school staff and others

Assistance navigating the mental health system

Advocacy for the prevention, treatment and support of eating disorders

Programs are free of charge, and do not require a referral or diagnosis.

Team members

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Sarah Byrne

Raised: $1,250.00

Delaine Tiniakos-Doran

Raised: $760.00

Sarah White

Raised: $610.00

Jennifer Gauthier

Raised: $225.00

Tyler Simmonds

Raised: $60.00

Devyn Waidson

Raised: $50.00

Andrea Peet

Raised: $0.00

Mia Lockhart

Raised: $0.00

Shannon MacLennan

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 08 Anonymous $25.00
Nov 08 Anonymous $40.00
Nov 07 Aidan & Alyssa Go Sarah, love you! $25.00
Nov 06 Hilary Rankin So proud of you! Undisclosed amount
Nov 06 Nicole Mackay $20.00
Nov 06 Erinn Baillie $15.00
Nov 06 Matthew Moulton Sarah has been so instrumental in my recovery. Best of luck on your run! $50.00
Oct 15 Wanda St Peter $30.00
Oct 13 Maria Cain Congrats on the run! Very impressive for a new momma to take this on! Undisclosed amount
Oct 13 hannah vlaar Thank you for your openness and vulnerability, always. I appreciate learning from you! I'll be cheering for you from here on race day! Undisclosed amount