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Raise money for MitoCanada

Mitochondrial disease affects 1 in 5,000 people and is a genetic disease that affects both children and adults. Mitochondria are the ‘power plants’ of our cells that provide the body with all of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondrial disease is at the core of many more well-known diseases that affect millions of people globally - Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, ALS, and many others. There are minimal therapies and no cure.

Be There Races supports MitoCanada by donating a portion of race registration fees each year. Help us raise money for this great cause when you register for the Spring Trio by making a donation and/or gathering pledges from your friends and family. Send this registration link to your friends and tell them to choose "pledge participant" on the left hand side to search your name and make a pledge.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 12 Leah Nichols Undisclosed amount
Aug 08 Anonymous $27.60
Aug 07 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 28 Craig Morris $11.58
Jul 27 Anonymous $54.31
Jul 25 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 19 Kelly s Undisclosed amount
Jul 19 Anonymous $11.58
Jul 15 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 13 Anonymous Undisclosed amount