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Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS) Canada

Collecter des fonds pour Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS) Canada

CNETS Canada provides support and education for Canadians on all aspects of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs). We help Canadian NET patients seek and obtain personalized diagnostic and therapeutic options. We also advocate on behalf of individual patients and for policies to support NET patients. All funds raised will go towards NET cancer research projects. For more information, please visit

Join our ever-growing TEAM ZEBRA MONTREAL and Run or Walk with NET Zebras to help us fund NET cancer research in Canada! Neuroendocrine Cancer (also known as "NET" cancer), affects approximately 15,000 – 20,000 Canadians and can be found in all parts of the body. NETs can be silent for years. When symptoms are present, they're often unclear and similar to common health problems. 100% of the funds raised will go towards NET cancer research. Please register and choose to run or walk for CNETS Canada. You can also show your support by sponsoring individual TEAM ZEBRA members. THANK YOU!



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Donateurs récents
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