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Raise money for Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy – Orangutan Habitat Project

We are facing an extraordinary crisis, one that requires action on an extraordinary scale.

The Toronto Zoo's revitalized and renewed Orangutan habitat will provide new, larger and stimulating outdoor space for these critically endangered animals, allowing them to literally go farther and reach higher. Guests will have opportunities to interact and engage, and learn about what they can do each and every day to help save Orangutans from extinction.

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more. 



Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $3,029.04

Team Carter

Raised: $1,050.51

Save The Orangutans

Raised: $672.94


Raised: $585.33

Running Cheetahs

Raised: $521.34

5 at 5

Raised: $431.76

Team turtle

Raised: $274.00


Raised: $273.15


Raised: $241.69

Team E&J

Raised: $240.00

Destroyer of Cookies

Raised: $224.63


Raised: $190.74

Go for Art

Raised: $180.01


Raised: $160.46

The Rideau Ferry Trio

Raised: $120.96

Team Rainbow runners

Raised: $79.63

Crimson Chins

Raised: $72.43

Awesome Possums

Raised: $67.80

The Pugtatoes

Raised: $59.13

Team Whew

Raised: $55.60

Hil's Climbers

Raised: $54.63

Team Dog

Raised: $54.63

Best Boys Team

Raised: $54.63

HoHoHo Team

Raised: $54.63

Sushi Rollers

Raised: $44.87


Raised: $27.80


Raised: $22.66

Team Lloyd

Raised: $22.43

The Den

Raised: $11.70

Bubble Tea FTW

Raised: $5.00

Recent Donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 12 Safeek $43.90
Oct 12 Meghan Grech $27.80
Oct 12 Aunt Richelle Go Oskar!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 12 Mom and Dad Great job! Undisclosed amount
Oct 12 Michael Bliemel $54.63
Oct 12 Gramma So proud of my Oskar! $54.63
Oct 12 Heather, Michael & Ty Yay! Great job Cuz!!! $27.80
Oct 12 Bill “Grumpy” Roberts Good luck Oskar... good cause...I once volunteered @ an orangutan rescue centre in Borneo... beautiful & intelligent creatures 😎❤️ Undisclosed amount
Oct 12 Jameson Holman $54.63
Oct 11 Grandma BB and Pap Pap Go Oskar! Undisclosed amount