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My Story…

I have been a migraine sufferer for about 20 years. I have tried many different types of treatments to treat my migraines. There have been many things I have had to give up due to my migraines, but I love running to much let migraines take it way from me. So when I found out about this Miles for Migraine I knew I had to do it.

I am amazed at how little money is dedicated to Migraine treatment research. Migraine receives about a 20th of the research dollars that should be given to it based upon its impact. Migraine patients desperately need new research to discover new treatments, and headache researchers and clinical specialists need to be trained. Miles for Migraine does all of these things; it does so by bringing patients together in the community while also participating in an activity that is good for your health!

Please help me support this disease that is very close me and my family.
Thank you,

Donate to help Sara raise money for Miles for Migraine - Chicago 2020’s fundraising campaign.

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Jun 02 Christine Morris I am a migraine sufferer for 30+ years. Dr. Merle Diamond of the Headache Clinic was my Dr. Years ago. "It's not just a headache". GO SARA ! $26.50
Mar 09 Noreen and Gordon $26.50
Mar 06 Mom % Dad Migraines are a real pain. Let's fix them now! $53.00
Mar 04 Michael Schulz Undisclosed amount
Mar 03 Lorrie O'Connor Go Sara Go! $26.50
Mar 03 David & Ginny Undisclosed amount
Mar 02 Christina Schulz Have a good run, Sara! Good luck! Undisclosed amount
Mar 02 Sara Schulz $26.50