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La Hermandad de Oquichtli Macuilli Tonatiuh

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La Hermandad, a brotherhood firmly founded on the Mexicano Chicano Latino culture, an alternative to the more traditional "Greek" fraternal system. The organization is named O eMe Te (a phonetic rendering of the letters O M and T). O eMe Te stands for Oquichtli Macuilli Tonatiuh a Nahuatl (Aztec) term shared among our members. La Hermandad was founded at Washington State University on 21 January 1996. La Hermandad strives to achieve a level of brotherhood by spreading its message of culture, wisdom, empowerment, and carnalismo, throughout the community. We aspire to prepare our members to become valuable assets to the community we serve and to raise the standards we live by. We are an organization that believes in leading by example and changing the world through action and engagement.


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Recent donors
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