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My Story…

Running a charity right now (during a pandemic and financial crisis) ain't a job for the faint of heart. These are really, really challenging times for our entire sector. I have been trying to put on a brave face, inspired by the REAL HEROES that we encounter every day at Wellwood. So, in their honour. I've created my own 777 Challenge. Over 7 days, I will dress up as 7 different superheroes, and tackle 7 different sports...all out in public. And will raise $7,000 doing it. You already know that this a great cause and Wellwood is continuing to do amazing work. Your donation will directly support people who are living with the unimaginable anxiety of having cancer in the midst of covid. As an added incentive, and to ensure maximum embarrassment, I promise to post photographic proof of my shenanigans on social media. You willing to pledge to see THAT?

Donate to help Jane raise money for Wellwood Walk/Run/Wheel’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 10 Arthur Kuhn CA$100.00
Nov 10 Helga Kuhn CA$100.00
Oct 29 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 29 Tyler George CA$108.31
Oct 27 Kim Alvarado In honor of Jane's ceaseless support for people with cancer and her support of our clinical teams, you inspire us! CA$108.31
Oct 27 Margaret Douglas CA$250.00
Oct 25 Peter Barber Jane, you are an inspiration in life and in fundraising! Great leadership and results! CA$108.31
Oct 24 Karla Jones Congratulations on a fantastic week! CA$108.31
Oct 24 Tracey Jewiss You’re amazing Jane CA$108.31
Oct 24 Renee Christiansen You are my hero CA$54.63