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For participating in JINGLE ROCK RIDE 2020

Our story…

In the parable of the mustard seed, we saw that a seed of small beginnings with a bit of faith added, could grow a huge, significant plant. All of his life, Max has been our tiny mustard seed. Born premature and having growth delays related to Crohn's Disease, he's always been the smallest kid in his school. He never let this fact deter him from anything he wanted to do. He has been a fighter since day one. Last summer, however, Crohn's knocked him on his okole, literally. Suffering immense pain and weight loss, needing repeated transfusions, and getting poked or prodded on a daily basis in what felt like a never-ending hospitalization. We saw the light and hope drain from his face. Our prayer warriors and medical heroes were working non-stop. One day, angels from Make-A-Wish Hawaii dropped by our room. Heaven sent, we're certain. Max mustered up the energy to dream up his ultimate wish--to meet the happiest animals on the planet, quokkas, and take a selfie with them. By doing so, he wanted to bring awareness to their shrinking numbers and help with their preservation. Of course, COVID put a hold on his travel plans. Undeterred, Max holds out hope of being able to take his #quokkashaka someday. Although unscientifically proven, we believe our MAW dream team and this wish were pivotal in Max's recovery. 

Help us raise money for participating in JINGLE ROCK RIDE 2020

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Dec 12 Sonomi Okazaki $52.08
Dec 12 Lynne Sokugawa You go Boy!!!!! $52.08
Dec 12 Kathy Sokugawa and Family We 💕 you Max, and miss and Jack! $104.16
Dec 12 Ruth and Blenn We are so proud of you Max! God bless you! $52.08
Dec 12 Freeman & Winona Chin Your fighting spirit inspires us all. $104.16
Dec 12 Uncle Steve Keep your spirits up! Shaka! $52.08
Dec 12 Chris Sokugawa and Family Stay Strong keep fighting! $104.16
Dec 12 Vince Sokugawa and Family Take care God Bless! $104.16
Dec 12 Noah and Micah We love you Max! $52.08
Dec 12 Watanabe Family We love you all To Da Max! You are all always in our prayers and thank God for you. $104.16