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Help Gavin raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021

Why I am supporting Foothills Academy

We are fundraising for Gavin’s school Foothills Academy. This invaluable school supports students with learning disabilities and ADHD by creating an environment for success and teaching them how they learn. Gavin ran the half marathon this year (21.1km) in 2:30hr, Rebecca can the 10km in 1:18hr and Kathy ran the 50km in 7:52hr. Please consider donating to this fabulous school. 


Your support will help ensure that every child or family affected by Learning Disabilities has the opportunity to participate in specialized, quality programs in a supportive environment with staff who are trained to address their needs. All funds raised will be directed to our Bursary Fund to ensure that no child or family is turned away due to their financial situation.