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For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021


We want to share a story about MJ - an NTL Alumni:

Growing up, she encountered a number of setbacks and her fair share of adversity.  At a young age, her health began to suffer to the point of losing everything she had worked for. Years passed and no answers were, or have been, given. This left her with a series of “I don’t know’s” (in her words). With those “I don’t know’s” weighing upon her, she slipped into a very deep depression. She was told she was too sick to work, but not sick enough to receive any more help from the government. 

 MJ felt ‘feral’ after being trapped in this darkness for so long. Despite being consumed with despair, she desperately clung to the hope of one day being an editor (she has a passion for writing). Overcoming her anxiety about returning to school, a friend convinced her to check out Never Too Late (NTL) – a no-cost academic, social and emotional support to adult learners who want to complete their GED (General Education Development or high school equivalency).

Despite feeling scared and doubtful of her own capabilities, it didn’t take long for MJ to gain hope and a desire to finish something she never once thought she could achieve – her GED. Equipped with bravery, confidence and encouragement, MJ was able to overcome that ‘feral’ feeling and move one step closer to her dream of one day being an editor. MJ now gives back to the program she once accessed.  She is a Language-Arts tutor and shares her knowledge and love of writing to new students who may be going through what she encountered.  

Family is about empathy and a commitment to caring for one another.  

MJ is part of that family, and we would like you to be part of ours.


Team members

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 16 Amy & Dave $50.00
Sep 15 Darcy ‘Life is short…running makes it seem longer” (Baron Hansen). Enjoy the ride, big bro! $50.00
Sep 15 Ipmg Go Shawn Go! If you need a runner next time… I’d love to participate $50.00
Sep 15 Anonymous $25.00
Sep 15 Chris McDavid $100.00
Sep 15 B. and B. Gunn Undisclosed amount
Sep 14 Shirley Newell $50.00
Sep 14 Donald Somers way to go, Megs!! $100.00
Sep 14 Derren Newell $250.00
Sep 14 Matt Bauer $50.00